Xeomin at Defiage Med Spa in Houston Texas

Seeing lines appear is one of the most noticeable hallmarks of aging. Naturally, facial wrinkles and lines develop after years of expression and form into the deeper static lines we all dread. Although these are natural processes as skin ages, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in how young you look! At Defiage, we offer multiple solutions for smoothing those pesky frown lines and signs of aging.

Xeomin is an injectable treatment made from Botulinum Toxin Type A, similar to it’s better known cousin, Botox. Similarly, it is injected directly into the facial muscles that cause lines in the face such as the forehead lines and frown lines, for a smooth skin appearance. This FDA-approved treatment not only reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles, but is a convenient treatment for preventing future facial lines and signs of aging!

Xeomin injections at Defiage Med Spa in Houston and Katy TX give you the choice to age gracefully, and express yourself without the lines.

Overview of Xeomin

  • Smooth existing facial wrinkles and prevent new lines
  • Relax overactive muscles
  • 15 minute treatment time
  • Little to no discomfort
  • Results visible in 4-7 days
  • Results last 3-4 months

What can Xeomin be used for?

  • Treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • Slim the jaw muscles
  • Lift the brows
  • Smooth glabellar lines

How does Xeomin treatment work?

Xeomin works by relaxing muscle contractions that fold the skin and form lines and wrinkles in the injection sites, much like other botulinum toxin products. Injections come as a clear liquid solution, administered through a needle directly into the wrinkle areas, such as the glabellar lines. This results in temporary paralysis of facial muscle contractions, making it an effective option in the prevention of dynamic wrinkles and deep lines. Once your targeted muscles relax, the overlying skin smooths out, revealing a rejuvenated and younger-looking you– without lines and wrinkles.

Xeomin is often combined with other skin care treatments such as dermal fillers for further improvement towards your aesthetic goals and facial rejuvenation.

What are the benefits of Xeomin?


This treatment provides a convenient solution for both preventing and treating facial lines, particularly between the brows and in the forehead. Beginning anti-wrinkle injections early can delay the need for more invasive cosmetic procedures in the future, as this treatment helps to maintain the integrity and youthfulness of your skin! Patients love the convenience and the results they can achieve from a single 15-minute appointment.

Xeomin vs Botox


While Botox and Xeomin produce similar results and are both used for treatment of facial wrinkles, these two botulinum toxin injections are different in formulation. Botox also contains accessory proteins in addition to botulinum toxin, while Xeomin is purely botulinum toxin, which may lower the risk for the rare event of an allergic reaction.

Xeomin is best suited for larger areas of the face and is specially formulated for glabellar lines, while Botox is able to target wrinkles in more concentrated areas such as crows feet.

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How long do results last?

Xeomin injections typically last upwards of 4 months before a maintenance treatment is required. The onset of effects is seen within 3-7 days, with full effects showing within two weeks.

You’ll notice a reduction in your dynamic facial wrinkles and overall your skin will achieve a more youthful, yet natural-looking appearance.

Am I a good candidate?

Injections are a great option if you wish to treat dynamic wrinkles between the eyes or prevent your skin from forming new wrinkles. Because treatment is quick and requires no downtime, you are free to come in and receive your injections without interrupting a busy schedule!

We are able to prevent premature aging and improve the quality of your skin with little maintenance.

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects such as redness, swelling, bruising, itching, and tenderness may occur, however, quickly subside. It is not common for more severe side effects such as facial pain to be reported.

Refraining from exercise and strenuous activities for at least 24 hours is advised. If you have a history of allergic reaction from other botulinum neurotoxin products, this treatment may not be right for you. During your consultation, notify your treatment provider of any existing medical conditions, prescription medicine or over the counter medicine you may be taking such as blood thinners (aspirin-like products) prior to treatment.

Is Xeomin safe?

The FDA has approved Xeomin as a safe and effective cosmetic treatment for moderate frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). It also treats other muscular conditions such as excessive sweating, migraine headaches, neck pain, and overactive bladder.

Although newer than Botox, Xeomin has become another popular option for plastic surgeons and injectors in treating their patients and maintaining their youth.

Book a consultation at Defiage in Houston TX now and discover your new fountain of youth!