Dermal filler injections at Defiage Med Spa in Houston Texas

It’s no secret that we’re all our own biggest critics. One day you get up and look in the mirror and notice that you’re not looking as radiant as you once did. Naturally as we age, our facial volume tends to be lost and our skin becomes less elastic. This reduced elasticity causes the structure of our face to become less defined, and age begins to show. Thankfully, with injectable dermal fillers at Defiage Med Spa in Houston TX and Katy TX, volume can be restored along with your youthful appearance!

Sculpt, define, lift, and fill

Add contour where makeup can’t with dermal filler. You can plump it, lift it, and smooth it! With dermal filler, the possibilities are endless. Without the need for invasive procedures and surgery you can define the way you look for a perfectly smooth and sculpted face. Our injectors are equipped with the expertise and artistry needed to meet your aesthetic ideals.

Here at Defiage Med Spa in Houston and Katy Texas, we use hyaluronic acid based injectable filler to create and contour your perfect look. We strive to enhance your features and create harmonious symmetry so you can face the day with undeniable confidence.


  • Create volume in the face
  • 30-minute treatment time
  • Little to no discomfort
  • Immediate results
  • Results last 9-12 months (depending on product)

What can Dermal filler be used for?

  • Smooth facial wrinkles
  • Restore volume loss
  • Smooth nasolabial folds
  • Plump the lips
  • Define the jawline and chin
  • Smooth lip and frown lines
  • Sculpt the cheeks

Dermal filler treatment in Houston TX

Before dermal filler injections, a numbing cream is applied to treatment areas for your comfort. After you are completely numbed, the filler will be strategically placed into your desired treatment areas to provide volume and lift. The type of filler used will depend on your treatment areas as they vary in viscosity. The filler draws in water to create a plumping effect that brings natural facial volume and rejuvenation.

Deep wrinkles and facial lines can be smoothed out and filled, creating a more youthful appearance in the face with a reduction in lines.

What are the benefits of Dermal filler?

Dermal filler injections are a quick in-office procedure that provide instant results without the downtime of surgical procedures. This treatment is minimally invasive and is a versatile treatment that enhances your facial features and can reverse volume loss in the face that is associated with aging. With its wide range of uses, this cosmetic procedure is popular and ideal for many different aesthetic concerns.

Injection of filler has low commitment and can be reversed if desired– but we think you’ll love it!

dermal fillers houston tx

The art of filler 

Filler injectable treatment at Defiage in Houston TX also considers your facial anatomy. Your face will be thoroughly assessed to ensure the correct amount of filler is artfully placed down to every contour as we sculpt your ideal result. This is to create facial harmony and balance, in relation to your aesthetic goals.

Types of filler

Depending on the treatment areas, your injector will discuss which is appropriate for your desired results. We offer: Juvéderm and Restylane.

How long do results last?

The results from dermal filler treatments last anywhere between 9-12 months depending on the area treated and how much filler was injected. The type of filler used will also determine the longevity of your treatment. Filler naturally dissolves and decreases in volume over time and additional maintenance injections will be required to ensure optimal results.

Am I a good candiate?

If you are looking for a non-surgical option to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume, sculpt your face, or even improve your smile, dermal filler is a great choice!

Are there any side effects?

Depending on the treatment area, minor swelling and bruising should be expected. This usually subsides within a few days. Adverse effects are not normally reported, however, if you notice progressive darkening of the skin contact us immediately.

    Are Dermal fillers safe?

    Injections of dermal filler are considered one of the safest forms of cosmetic enhancement because the material is biocompatible (harmless) and naturally occurring. This treatment is used by thousands of plastic surgeons and injectors worldwide to beautify millions of patients. However, like with any medical procedure, there will always be risks involved and your treatment provider will address any concerns you have.

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